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To Start With Sports

The threshold to start exercising can be high especially if you've never played sports before. Even if you haven't been exercising for a while, it can be challenging to pick up the game again. That is why we give you tips on how to start exercising a lot easier and more fun.

Tip 1: set a goal

It's easier to stick to your sports schedule as you work towards a goal. Go crazy and sign up for that one ten-kilometer run. If you want to achieve that, you have to train! Try to remain realistic. If you suddenly train from scratch for a marathon next week, the chance of an injury is greater than achieving your goal. Give yourself time to train properly so that you can really achieve your goal.

Tip 2: choose a sport you like

Choose a sport that gets you excited. Something you like and where you feel comfortable. You really don't have to suddenly start working out fanatically if you don't like that. Try to be creative. Maybe padel (racket sport in an enclosed space) or bollards (climbing without a rope) is something for you! Can't figure it out yourself? Then ask the people around you for advice. The main thing is to get moving.

Tip 3: invest in sportswear

Provide a nice outfit that is comfortable and that makes you feel good. Many shops have good sportswear for a good price. In addition, make sure you have good sports shoes. To do this, go to a specialty store and let an employee help you. This way you can prevent many painful injuries or foot problems such as blisters.

Tip 4: start small

Be realistic! If you never exercise, do not suddenly plan five sports sessions a week. Chances are that you can only keep this up for a short time and before you know it you are on your couch again, because you suffer from muscle pain , for example . Convert sports slowly and start exercising once a week. Then you can slowly get used to it. Do you notice that this is getting easier? Then slowly build up the sport.

Tip 5: find a sports buddy

A sports buddy has two advantages. First of all, a sports buddy can motivate you to still go to the gym if you don't feel like it. In addition, a sports buddy is also just fun. Catch up on your week after class. Then it seems more like a cozy outing than a must.

Tip 6: make a playlist

Make a playlist with good power beats. This gives you a lot of energy and that workout feels like a nice energizer. Before you know it you have already gone through that sport session!

Tip 7: plan your workouts

Don't be surprised by your own sports schedule. Make sure you exercise on fixed days and times. This way you know where you stand and you will never get in the way of the rest of your agenda. Record your workout in your calendar so it feels like a real appointment. This is how you should start exercising! 

What Is A Pedometer?

A pedometer (also called a pedometer) keeps track of how many steps you take per day. Pedometers come in all shapes and sizes. Do you have a smartphone? Chances are that your phone will already count how many steps you take. If not, there are various apps with which you can keep track of how many steps you take. You may not always have your phone with you. Then a pedometer that you can attach to your pants or a sports bracelet might be something for you.

From May 11, 2020, we stopped the pedometer challenge in our app. But do not be sad! This is because space is being made for new extras. Think, for example, of the Extra weeks, where you can exchange your full savings cards for beautiful gifts, special offers especially for you, and our newsletters with other advice. Read more about our extra. 

What are the benefits of a pedometer?

Do you want to exercise more? A pedometer can help you with that. A pedometer gives you insight into how much you move per day, and it stimulates you to move more. Plus, it makes you feel good when you reach your goal.

Tips to take enough steps every day

Daily life is already quite busy, so where do you get the time and energy to take enough steps? We have listed a few tips for you that you can easily apply.

Tip 1: turn on your pedometer

It may sound like an open door, but step one to move more is turning on your pedometer. Not every pedometer turns on automatically.

Tip 2: set a goal for yourself

Achieving a goal makes you feel good, right? Therefore, set a goal for yourself. Note: 10,000 steps is not a realistic goal for everyone. For example, agree with yourself that you will take 7,000 steps today. Challenge yourself by raising the bar every week.

Tip 3: Find a walking buddy

Do you find it difficult to exercise enough every day? Then find someone with whom you can go around the block together. This way, you have a stick behind the door, but you can also motivate each other to move more. Moreover, walking together is a lot more fun than alone.

Tip 4: take the stroller more often

Do you also notice that you usually take the car for short distances? Sin! You can also cover small miles on foot. So take the stroller more often.

In our article about more exercise, we give you even more tips to easily exercise more every day.